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Welcome to Hyder Consulting Group

We provide forensic accounting, business valuation, litigation support and related services to businesses, individuals and governmental agencies facing difficult situations.   Our personalized and hands on approach to each assignment ensures we provide our clients with the services they need, when they need them.  We strive to accomplish this in a cost-effective, practical manner.

In addition to providing expert witness testimony, we have engagement experience as a consulting expert, advising the litigation team "behind the scenes".  We also have experience as a jointly-engaged neutral expert, a role that facilitates settlement and often avoids more costly litigation with increased privacy for the parties.  

But we're about more than litigation.  We've developed proactive and reactive responses to fraud risk, conducted root cause analyses and process redesigns after analyzing operational policies and procedures within an organization, and assist with implementation of any accepted recommendations.  Our expertise in this niche was leveraged by an international organization in developing their "fraud risk assessment" education and certification program.  We also can be found in the front of an audience, leading discussions on topics as diverse as professional ethics, fraud prevention and detection, business valuation and .. the merits of volunteer work.  


Write us at Info@HyderCPA.com and let us know what has you concerned, and how we can help.  

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